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The dry desert ground sped by under Jeff's feet dangling off the edge of the aircraft. He sat in the cabin of a Cikavac headed toward a supposed Suljevan military out-post.

Jeff was instructed to get on the the heavy machine gun. He nodded and unlocked the heavy weapon from the mechanism on the side of the opening. It glided around and pointed horizontally out toward the horizon. Jeff knew they were getting near, and as a rookie he was nervous.

Smoke rose from small groupings of buildings in the distance. Villages destroyed by riots. Jeff's squad mate patted his back and pointed to the direction they were going. The aircraft approached the out post with impressive speed. Jeff took a breath, this would be his first moment in real combat.

The aircraft slowed down to a crawl and started to circle the enemy out-post. His commander gave the squad the signal to unload as much lead into the enemy as possible. Thats how Jeff viewed it. He squeezed the trigger on the heavy machine gun and unloaded. The power in the weapon was impressive and the vibrations traveled up Jeff's arm and into his chest. He held the gun steady as he fired sprays of bullets into Suljevan soldiers.

A low alarm sounded and the whole out-post was alert. Suljevans dashed to their stations only to be blasted by either Jeff or his squad-mates. Jeff felt confident that they had nothing to worry about. But the massacre sickened him. He felt sick. Even though they were enemies and would do the same to him. The thought of killing someone that had no chance to retaliate made him sick. He paused in the thought, his squad-mates waved to him. He didn't know why they were waving to him, until he realized that he had stopped firing.

Suljevans scrambled around the out-post panicking but one had a goal in mind. In the time when Jeff had stopped and resumed shooting the machine gun a Suljevan soldier had grabbed a RPG weapon and took aim at the air-craft and fired.

The missile flew through the air with ease and stuck the rear rotor of the craft. Jeff grabbed the nearest hand hold and gripped it with both hands. One of his squad-mates flew out of the aircraft as it spun out of control and smashed into the ground.

Jeff's ears rung and his head hurt. They had crashed in the center of the out-post and were quickly surrounded and fired upon by Suljevan soldiers. Who ever was remaining of Jeff's squad took up weapons and retaliated. Jeff didn't know what to do. Someone, Jeff didn't know who, had tossed him an assault rifle. Jeff proceeded to take shots at the enemy. Who were quickly over running them. This is it, Jeff thought he was going to die. He fired until the last bullet was left and considered shooting himself, He couldn't. Something hit the back of his head, it hurt. Then he felt nothing.

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