Taking over (unfinished)

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Taking over (unfinished)

Post  Barley on Sat Sep 11, 2010 2:51 pm

Tom pulled down his gas-mask and kicked open the door. His teammate threw a CS grenade into the room. The tear gas filled the room and once Tom heard coughing he ran in pointing his shot gun at one of the hostage takers.

"Get on your knees, NOW!" Tom still held the shotgun to the criminal's head. The criminal complied slowly getting on his knees as well as he could while coughing and rubbing his eyes. Tom grabbed the criminals hands and secured them with zip-cuffs. He could hear the rest of his team secure each room of the house, criminals and hostages.

"I've got a criminal in custody." Tom radioed back to the retrieval team. Tom patted his partner's back. "These guys were amateurs." Frank, Tom's partner said.

"Yeah, I know." Tom scoffed at the still coughing criminal.

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