[ACCEPTED]Thomas Jorgenson

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[ACCEPTED]Thomas Jorgenson

Post  Barley on Mon Sep 06, 2010 7:09 pm

Name:Thomas "Tom" Jorgenson Was (James Wilson)
Occupation (Cop, detective, SWAT ect.): SWAT
Family(optional): none

Was an agent in the Syndicate but was thrown out for insubordination, he was to be hunted down and killed. He dodged the Syndicate's hunters long enough to change his name and face. He got a job as SWAT and passed the all the tests. He plans to build up a gang strong enough to over throw the Syndicate and be at the top. Only two people know who he is and was.

Gang: Too small to be in the Known gangs list. Consists of 5 people including Thomas.
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