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Post  Ketic on Tue Aug 10, 2010 1:01 am

Noemi smacked the stupid man again. He was tied up but she didn't care. "Now I'll ask you again.." She formed her right hand into a fist. "Where is my money!?"

"I told you I don't know!" The man winced and squeezed his eyes closed but no pain came. He opened his eyes and looked around. Noemi had a gun now.

"If you don't know, then I don't need you." She raised the gun to his head.

"Wait wait I know I know!!!!!!" The man sobbed creating a gross mixture of snot, tears, and blood. Mostly blood.

Noemi gritted her teeth. "Well, where is it?"

"Cops... A detective.. took it.." The man slumped his shoulders and let his head hang.

"A detective? What was his name?"

"I don't know it!" Noemi cocked the gun. "Ok ok it was.." The man quickly recalled any name of any police officer he could. "It was Horace Parks!!!!"

"Finish up with him." Noemi nodded to her bodyguards and she left the warehouse and got into her car. She started the car as a gunshot cracked the air. Then she sped away.
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