'Rivet' (The Locust)

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'Rivet' (The Locust)

Post  Ketic on Mon Jun 14, 2010 1:28 pm

Name: 'Rivet'

Age: 237 Human Years

Race(list at world info, to make one up put race name and description here): Maaskri(ma-sker-eye) - A human-like race of aliens that originate from the Ifrit cluster. Miro(home orb to the Maaskri) orbits a red dwarf near the edge of the super galaxy. The Maaskri are a bit taller than the average human, and have similar varying skin tones. The men of the Maaskri never receive names, and so they are usually given nicknames wherever they serve. They live for long periods of time. (587 Human Years is the oldest Maaskri alive) They reproduce similar to humans but it takes the infant nearly twenty years to mature and be born. Since the Maaskri are similar to humans they tend to socialize with them more than the other alien races. Heightened brain activity causes insanity among many Maaskri and it is considered a deadly disease on their planet.

Skills: Particularly skilled with a Spirit A2 Laser Pistol.

Background/history: He was raised on Miro and left on ship duty when he was 43. He served on the Galactic Alliance warship 'Nebula' for almost 51 years. It fell to a random Locust attack. Rivet escaped the horde by boarding the Locust ship and stealing a shuttle. He was aided by two soldiers who later retired. After returning to Miro for ten years he went soul searching in the ferocious jungle that covered most of the planet. He emerged from the jungle at age 104, a skilled survivor and ferocious hunter. He lived among his people for around 30 more years aboard the Copri, a large Maaskri space station. The space station was attacked by pirates and in the end, crashed down on Miro in a fiery blaze. Rivet's whereabouts from age 134 to 237 are unknown, and he never speaks of his past. Somewhere during that secret time of his life, Rivet came to own a starship. He now sails it across the super galaxy, eliminated the locust that have now overrun Miro.

Star ship Name: The Miran

Star Ship Description: Named after Rivet's home planet, the Miran is an small sized scavenging vessel. It is equipped with weapons, but also has quite luxurious crew quarters. It is home to 100+ crew members, including engineers, weapon specialists, and ground teams. Rivet's starship is registered in the Galactic Alliance database but he tries not to get involved in Alliance business.

Crew: Kordo - The helmsman of the ship, an aged Praugian.

Aster - Brutish Riktorian warrior who leads the second ground team.

Mimi - A human scientist who manages the lab. She runs experiments on captured locust, trying to find an effective way to exterminate them.

'Nut' - A long insane Maaskri who manages the weapon systems.
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Re: 'Rivet' (The Locust)

Post  Barley on Mon Jun 14, 2010 1:40 pm

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