The Locust.

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The Locust.

Post  Barley on Sun Jun 13, 2010 4:44 pm

Name of Roleplay: The Locust.
Era: 4015
World Conflict: No
Technology Level: Advanced
Opposing Forces: non infected -against- locust (infected)
Neutral Forces(optional):

(Force Description): Colonists, spacers and soldiers who have not been infected by the Locust Parasite.

(Opposing Force Description): An alien species that most call, Locust. The Locust has two different types of form. The first weaker type is a parasitic life form able to enter an organism and sever the brain stem replacing the brain with it's self, the organisms body becomes a living puppet/zombie. The second is a stronger type of the Locust Parasite, it is much larger and it is able to leap on the back of an organism take control of the body and causes mutations to occur, making a more variety of infected. The Locust often travel/ attack in swarms or hordes.

(Neutral Force Description)(optional):

(Description of terrain and areas):
Earth/ terra: a giant ball of metropolises that cover earth completely, ranging from under ground cities to under water metropolises to towers that literally scrape the edge of the atmosphere.

colonies: they range from jungle planets to ice planets, that have been colonized for expansion of life.

Spacecraft: they can differ in looks, uses and sizes, most are used for space travel and to move from space to planets/colonies.

Space colonies: Gigantic space stations the are able to sustain life for extremely long periods of time. Not meant for space travel and or landing on planets/ colonies. Many are used to station troops for the galactic military.

Unexplored planets: planets that haven't been colonized yet.

Specific Plot: not yet

(Specific Plot Description):

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Re: The Locust.

Post  Ketic on Sun Jun 13, 2010 7:00 pm

Accepted. I will make a character app section for this roleplay, and once you have posted the world info and app form I will make a roleplay section for it.
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