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World Info.

Post  Barley on Sat May 22, 2010 3:06 pm

Earth is in chaos, America has taken over most of Earth. Russia the only superpower matching possibly out matching America. Russian forces have attacked America and its allies, causing America to retaliate, the world is now a massive warzone, fights could breakout at anyplace.

World Conflict: Yes
Opposing forces: RRF(Russian Resistance Force), American alliance -against- Russian Federation
Neutral Forces: China, Middle east.
Current Dominant Force: Russian Federation
Specific Plot:Yes
Plot: Russian researchers are developing a new weapon, code named Operation New World. An elite British task force is to retrive info. About this new weapon, and then destroy it. The Russian Federation must do everything to stop this task force reaching their goal.

American Alliance: Is doing everything in their power to stop the Russian Federation to reach their goal.

Russian Federation: Belives that the American dominant world is become to old and must be renewed, they will do everything in their power to eliminate the American opposition.

RRF( Russian Resistance Force): A small group that popped up around the Russian border. They disagree with the current Russian government. They fight small battles rarely winning, they try to stay out of the American alliance's way to not be mistaken for Russian Federation troops.

Neutral Forces: They are doing everything they can to keep out of the fighting.

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