Operation New World

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Operation New World

Post  Barley on Sat May 22, 2010 1:26 pm

Name of Roleplay:Operation New World
World Conflict: Yes
Technology Level:Advanced
Opposing Forces: Japan, European and American Superpowers -against- Russain Federation.
Neutral Forces(optional):China, Middle East, and mercenary companies.

(Force Description):Japan, Inorder to win the war America agreed for Japan to manufacture weapons. Britain agreed to make an elite task force, consisting of special opratives who are only called for "Immpossible" missions. America was threatened by the Russian Federation and took action to eliminate the hostile force, that is Russia.

(Opposing Force Description): Russian Federation belive that the world of America is and old world and must be renewed. The new world must be introduced by Russia.

(Neutral Force Description)(optional): China, and the Middle east try as much as they can to stay out of the fighting but if they must they will fight.

(Description of terrain and areas): Earth

Specific Plot: Yes

(Specific Plot Description): American special forces have gotten reports of a new weapon being built Russia, the Russians call it Operation New World. Britains elite task force is being sent to report what weapon it is and destroy it if needed.

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Re: Operation New World

Post  Ketic on Sat May 22, 2010 1:40 pm

Accepted. I will make a character app section for this roleplay, and once you have posted the world info and app form I will make a roleplay section for it.
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