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Post  Barley on Wed May 19, 2010 9:13 pm

Name:Jiff "Red Barrel" Ferguson
Age: 43
Personality: Lighthearted, relaxed, only when his squad mates are in danger he becomes stern.
Character Background Story/History: Jiff had a pretty unexciting childhood, but when he was 14 he found out that he belonged to the government, he was born for the government to create a perfect soldier. But Jiff was not their so called perfect soldier, he was actually quite ordinary. Until he was on a stealth mission and he shoved the barrel of his rifle into an enemy soldier, and got his nickname Red Barrel. He was transferred to the 1st squad of platoon 19, and kept his past a secret to his squad mates.
Allegiance(Imperial, Extremist, Native):Imperial
Weapon Specialty:AUG-R50 (Auger-rifle 50)
Family Background/History(Optional but recommended since it gives the character depth):nothing is know about his family
Picture(Optional but recommended):
Example of your Roleplaying skills(Optional but if you do this you have a better chance of getting accepted): Jiff got down behind the desk, and waited for the signal to go. NOW!, He got up and shot at the extremists, his gun was suppressed so the other rebels in other rooms would not hear. he could hear the suppressed shots of his comrades, the op. (operation) was going well.

"Jiff go down that hallway and turn off the security." the orders went into Jiff's ear smoothly.

Jiff started down the hallway shooting any rebels along the way. too easy. jiff thought to him self grinning, just as the thought left his mind a rebel swung around the corner brandishing a large combat knife. He had to kill this guy fast, he had no time to pull out his knife when the rebel lunged at him, using all of his strength, Jiff thrust the barrel of his gun into the rebel. It plunged deep into the gut of the rebel, then relaxing Jiff let him slide off and onto the ground.
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Re: Jiff

Post  Ketic on Wed May 19, 2010 9:15 pm

Haha that made me laugh. Moved locked oh yeah accepted too.
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