John Garson (Iben-Ed)

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John Garson (Iben-Ed)

Post  Barley on Thu May 13, 2010 6:26 pm

Name:John Garson

Gender: Male

Age: 27

Personality: Taciturn/often has little to say. He is loyal to his commanding officer, and quick to act.

Character Background Story/History: Born an Imperial his mother and father left him on the street at age 5, living in the slums of Imperial society he was beaten often by older children and homeless adults. His only hope was to join a slum gang, he made many friends with people in the gang, until he was taken by the Imperial military to train as a soldier. Now at the age of 12 he belonged to the government and was a deadly killer. On his first official mission he was shot in the right shoulder, tearing most of the bone, muscle, and ligament, the medics did all they could to repair his shoulder.
Now having a gimpy shoulder, he can't lift the biggest of weights but still can lift a rifle and fire. (Squad Jiff, Carlson, and Graff.)

Allegiance(Imperial, Extremist, Native): Imperial

Weapon Specialty: bolt action .50 caliber sniper rifle, but can be skilled with all types of sniper rifles, if needed he could manage an assault rifle

Family Background/History(Optional but recommended since it gives the character depth): His family was the traditional Imperial family, the largest of things the family name has is John and his great grandfather, Garson Garson, who is supposedly still alive, he fought the in the first war on the Imperial side.

Picture(Optional but recommended):

Example of your Roleplaying skills(Optional but if you do this you have a better chance of getting accepted): Through his scope John watched the rebels' final push to drive the Imperials out of the city.
"Target at 11 o' clock!" Johns commander, Jiff, screamed. "Take him out Garson!" Being the best and only sniper in the squad John took aim and pulled the trigger. The bullet made contact with the target's cranium, the entry was clean no bloody, gory, mess. The rebels were putting up a fight but were pushed back and scattered. John picked off the rebels that he could see, it was an easy operation but as they got in the helicopter the team got a new mission.
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Re: John Garson (Iben-Ed)

Post  Ketic on Thu May 13, 2010 6:29 pm

Accepted, locked, and moved.

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