Galactic Renaissance

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Galactic Renaissance

Post  Barley on Fri Jun 17, 2011 12:01 am

Name of Roleplay: Galactic Renaissance
Era: 4315
World Conflict: Yes
Technology Level: Advanced
Opposing Forces: Free for all between, Coalition of Suns vs Supreme Imperium vs Red Fist vs United People's Front, alliances.
Neutral Forces(optional): Planets not in any alliance.

(Force Description): No alliance is considered right or wrong or good or evil, they just have different views of right and wrong.

Coalition of Suns alliance:
Planets: Sulleelia, Danisdal, Hitea, Choresch
Description: Their technology is outmatched by any other faction. They are mostly one race. They rather settle conflict through direct confrontations. The capitol is located on Sulleelia.

Supreme Imperium alliance:
Planets: Gamtilia, Yalador, Irra, Korv IV, Mulithon Trirante, New Mars, Keraski
Description: The alliance with the most planets and the largest army. They expand quickly with overwhelming forces. The capitol is located on Irra.

Red Fist alliance:
Planets: Mars, New Ceres, Jordani V
Description: The alliance with the least planets. But have the strongest military. They stay collected in their small territory and defend it, their army growing bigger and stronger until they are ready to expand. They believe that combat is the only way to settle conflict. Their capitol is located on Mars.

United People's Front:
Planets: Earth, Raduv V, New Terra, Alka
Description: The most rounded of the alliances. They are the strongest politically and tend to settle conflicts through negotiations. Their capitol is located on New Terra.

(Neutral Force Description)(optional): Usually trade based planets and mercenaries.

(Description of terrain and areas): Assorted, different planets.

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