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[ACCEPTED][TT]Sasha Rose

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  • Full Name : Sasha Hayley Rose
  • Race : Witch
  • Age / Birth Date : June 13, 2005 (19 Years old)
  • Place of Birth : Cochise County, Arizona (specifically Sierra Vista)
  • Current Residence : Flagstaff, Arizona
  • Height : 5' 9''
  • Weight : 130 - 140 lbs.
  • Hair Color : Brown
  • Eye Color : Greenish brown
  • General Appearance : Both ears are pierced. A half inch scar along her left jawline from when she was a child. Another scar on the back of her right shoulder from a cat scratch. She wears a cross around her neck and another cross on her left wrist. Click here for a rough idea of what she looks like.
  • Personality : Sasha is a fun loving joker. She likes to party and mess around with friends as much as she can. Her personality seems to change whenever she does her witchcraft though, she becomes serious and very focused. She reads a lot.
  • Skills : Sasha is a witch. She has a natural talent for spellcasting.
  • Languages : English, Latin, Spanish
  • Morality : Sasha is not a criminal and does not enjoy killing.
  • Background : She grew up in Sierra Vista, a hot little town in southern Arizona. When she was 9 years old she tried to make a spell that would enable her to fly. She jumped off the roof of her house but the spell was ineffective. Sasha fell into a rose bush and one of the twigs gave her a nasty cut on her jaw. When Sasha was 14 she and a couple of her friends went hiking at got lost in Carr Canyon. After around six hours they found the highway and they all made it home okay. After this incident Sasha's mother was very protective of her and cut her off from her friends. This greatly damaged her relationship with her mother. Always the wild child, she left home when she was 16 and made it as far as Flagstaff. She roomed with a friend until she found a steady job at a bakery and was able to get her own place.
  • Religion : She does not know what she believes. Sasha's mother and father are Roman Catholics.
  • Family : Sasha's father is a car dealer and her mother is unemployed. Sasha is an only child.
  • Personal Goals : Sasha has fantasies of being a very powerful witch but she has yet to find a mentor in Flagstaff. She also wants a tattoo but can never decide on a design.
  • Employment : Sasha is employed at the Flagstaff Recreation Center as a full time receptionist.
  • Addition Character Information : Sasha doesn't have many friends except her best friend. She also prefers to go by Hayley rather than her first name, because her father picked her middle name and her mother picked her first name. Most of her time not working is spent at her friend Kayla's house. Kayla is a Human.

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