[ACCEPTED][POTD] Thomas Barnes

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[ACCEPTED][POTD] Thomas Barnes

Post  Barley on Sun Jun 05, 2011 3:05 am

Name: Thomas Barnes

Age: 22

Gender: male

Description: Has short brown hair, brown eyes, stubble and has a squarish chin. He stands at 5' 11" tall, and has an athletic build, but is not extremely muscular. Picture of Thomas

Personality: Kind of a troublemaker, likes to think of different ways to end a situation as quick as possible. Can be quick to upset or anger. Vengeful, hates his father, does not do well when talking of his father.

Background: Growing up as a child Thomas' family was extremely religious. During time he received "disciplinary" beatings from his father. In his early teens he questioned his family's beliefs. Thomas began to skip church and go out with his troublemaker friends. He taught himself the art of Parkour. Thomas also gained some experience in shooting guns when he went with his friends hunting and to shoot guns. When his parents found out that he had been skipping they threatened to send him to a boarding school and his beatings became much more frequent. From the beatings enabled Thomas to endure more pain than a normal person would. Thomas ran away from home the next chance he could leaving his four siblings. He found refuge with a friend where he lived until 18 years old. He then lived on his own until the outbreak.

Skills (Free-running, sharpshooter, ambidextrous, Ect.): Parkour (freedom of movement through urban environment) some shooting, very coordinated, high tolerance of pain.

Disadvantages (bad back, bad memory, Ect.): Quick to upset or anger. Slightly bad memory will forget small things easily. Issues with his father.

Equipment (Please keep track of your character's equipment throughout the Roleplay, these items will items will determine what your character can do in roleplay. Also keep track if you have a gun and how much ammo it has.): Wears a close fitting orange and gray jacket with a gray long sleeve underneath, black cargo pants, black gloves. Carries with him a black steel crossbow with 15 bolts, a ready to be lit molotov cocktail, and machete. Thomas has a bag with a water bottle, flashlight, lighter, can of green beans, pack of hotdogs.

Sanity level (from 1 to 10, 10 being the most sane you could ever be and 1 the most insane. Please keep track of your characters sanity level through the roleplay. Also sanity level can change determining events that occur.): 5

Insanity details (Optional):

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