Planet of the Dead

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Planet of the Dead

Post  Barley on Wed Jun 01, 2011 9:03 pm

Name of Roleplay: Planet of the Dead
Era: 2012
World Conflict: Yes
Technology Level: Moderate
Opposing Forces: Infected/Zombies
Neutral Forces(optional): none

(Force Description): :Humans, there are only few left they have to fight for survival in a hostile world. Most work together but some seek to harm each other. They adapt and use tools to aid them in survival, but supplies are diminishing, if you know where to look it can be plentiful. Some cannot continue on their journey and choose to die, mostly from dimming morale.

(Opposing Force Description): Infected, also known as zombies. They use to be human but have been infected by a disease not one that literally kills you but it rewires how you act. They are "dead" in a way, not knowing who they were, just become mindless beast, seeking "living flesh" oddly they don't attack other infected. Infected walk, but if they were physically fit when they were infected they will move with frightening speed. When a non-infected is detected they make a moaning sound that will send shivers up the spines and curdle the blood of any sane being.

(Neutral Force Description)(optional): N/A

(Description of terrain and areas): Mostly urban, some agricultural, some of everything.

Specific Plot: TBA

(Specific Plot Description): N/A

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Re: Planet of the Dead

Post  Ketic on Thu Jun 02, 2011 10:59 am

Accepted. I will make a character app section for this roleplay, and once you have posted the world info and application form I will make a roleplay section for it. Smile

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