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Forum Rules

Post  Ketic on Sun May 09, 2010 3:44 pm

You must follow these rules at all times.
Breaking any of these rules may result in suspension or permanent ban.

ORF forum rules.

1. Inappropriate Language
I will be lenient about this, but if your cussing in every post I will give you a warn.

2. No Flaming
You must not flame or fight with other members. I don't care if so and so attacked your character in the roleplay. Your characters can be mad at eachother, but no incessant dissing or cussing out will be tolerated.

3. No Spamming
You must not post irrelevant and meaningless threads and replies.

4. Multiple Accounts
You must not have multiple accounts. If you create multiple accounts, all will be suspended/banned. (Note: If you create another account because you've been hacked, forgot your pass, or w/e I will tolerate that. But if that is the case you need to PM me on that new account and I will give you back your old one and delete the new one.)

5. Giving Credit
When posting copyrighted material that does not belong to you, you must post the original creator's name or alias.

6. Warez
No Illegal material is to be uploaded onto the forum or linked to it in any manner. This includes illegal programs known as hacks.

7. Usernames/Impersonation
Imitation/Impersonation of any Staff Member or member will not be tolerated. If you do impersonate a Staff Member you will receive a warn.

8. Disrespect towards a staff member
If you do not like a Moderator, Admin or High Ranked Peer do not make threads about their bad decisions or infractions. Complaints can be submitted through PM to the administrators.

9. Avatar/Signature Sizes
Avatar max size is 120x120. I will not set a specific signature size because I know people like fancy sigs but don't be obnoxious.

10. Double Posting
If your roleplay isn't at the top of the page, don't freak out. Just be patient and wait. No need to bump it up and double post. If you need to double post to play as a different character in an RP you will not be warned.

Posting Rules

* 1. Bumping
Do not bump old threads, Bumping is where a person makes a post in an old thread, this will make the old thread become first on the list again.

* 2. Going off topic
Do not go off-topic about the subject of the post.

* 3. Don't flame
Don't start a flame war.

* 4. Flaming users
Don't flame at users. (usually this happens to kids when their on the internet)

* 5. Double post
Do not double post.

* 6. One Word Post
Do not one word post, A warn will be issued for that



* 1. No sex/racial/religious/social/political discrimination of any kind, Seriously its disgusting.

* 2. No sexual/pornographic discussions or image use, NO SERIOUSLY their may be kids that are here.

* 3. You may use as many text smilies as you wish.

* 4. Please use correct grammar and spelling, If you don't no one will understand, and your thread will get locked.


Failure to follow any of these rules will result in the following consequences:

* Warning

* Infraction

* Temporary Suspension

* Permanent Suspension

* I.P. Address Suspension

Please note this is a casual forum. We don't rely much on dice and character sheets. We like having fun while roleplaying, not having to work hard to get our character through a tough situation.
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